Social Media Unit Eastern Mediterranean University

Facebook Page

With over 30,000 likes, EMU strives to keep its facebook fan base up-to date with all news and events regarding the University.

Twitter Profile

EMU's Twitter page currently has over 4000 followers and is updated in the same manner as the Facebook page of EMU. We constantly update all social media networks with the same content for a streamlines experience.

Youtube Channel

EMU's Youtube channel is constantly updated with news and happenings around the campus. EMU, in collaboration with EMUTV station allows users to watch news content from around the campus.

Instagram Profile

Pictures are our business, and we are always holding competitions where users get to submit their own photos with EMU hashtags and get a chance to be featured in all the social media sites.

About us

We are the Eastern Mediterranean University Social Media Unit. Social Media Unit is aimed at keeping Student Candidates, Students, Alumni, Academic Staff and Anyone who feels like a part of EMU connected through means of Social Networking Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. By using such media, SMU can keep its users up to date with all current University news and actively respond to any questions that they may have. SMU consists of 3 Student Assistants, 1 Research Assistant and 3 Consulting Instructors. The aim of SMU is to represent EMU in the best possible way thought Social Networking Platforms

Our vision

To provide a better quality of service and to raise EMU’s online presence

Our mission

To connect people who feel like EMU is a part of their family by means of Social Networking Platforms and to represent EMU in the best possible way.

Raziye Nevzat

EMU English Language and Literature graduate and a Social Media Coordinator. Currently doing a PhD on Media, Culture and City Studies- Medya Kultur Kent calismalari


Social Media Coordinator
Eser Ozvataf

Currently doing a Masters of Development Psychology. Research Topics include online games, internet and social media addiction


Research Assistant
Ahmad Abdulrahman Profile

Recently, a Masters degree in Computer Engineering with High Honor

Ahmad Abdulrahman

Web Developer - Graphic Designer

3rd year Psychology Student. University Representative of EMU in Turkish Psychology Students Studying Group (TPOCG).

Buğra Murat TOKAY

Student Assistant

3rd year Psychology Student. University Representative of EMU in Turkish Psychology Students Studying Group (TPOCG).

Adebola Adeniran

Student Assistant

ORNEK HOLIDAYS - Tourism Agency

A seminar was held at Pia Bella located in Kyrenia. Social Media Unit held a seminar for the Ornek Holidays Team, a tourism company that specialises in package tours around Cyprus.


KITOB Seminar- North Cyprus Hoteliers Association

Social Media Unit, in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University Continued Education Centre (EMU-CEC), held a seminar for North Cyprus Hoteliers Association (KITOB) outlining the importance of Social Media for Hoteliers and small boutique hotel owners.


Toplumcu Demokrasi Partisi (TDP)- Political Party

A seminar was held at Oscar Hotel located in Kyrenia entitled Social Media and Brand Management in Politics. It was delivered by the EMU Social Media Unit.


SocialBakersENGAGE 2014 Seminar

Social Media Unit Members attended the ENGAGE 2014 seminar held by Social Bakers at London, UK.

Social Bakers Event Page


Web Design

Social Media Unit has been involved in various web design projects within the University


Social Media Management

With over 5 Years experience, Social Media Unit has been successfully campaigning EMU's brand online on various forms of social media platforms



Two photographers are involved in the Social Media Unit who deliver quality photos for events and happenings in EMU


Video Editing

Social Media Unit regularly releases videos about EMU focused towards students.